Iapack offers sachet packaging machines. We are a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging equipment and serves a variety of industries including food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic.

We listen to your product and format needs to provide a custom machine solution that fits your specific application. Whatever your product requirements may be, allow us to provide you with quality sachet machines. Iapack has more than 600 machines installed around the world with field experience beginning in 1998 as the first form/fill/seal company specializing on the innovative stick pack format. Technologies continually evolve to follow the most rigorous security and hygienic rules.

Sachet Packing Machine show

Our sachet packaging machines operate fully automatic and according to vertical, intermittent working principle. Three different versions for the format ranges 240 mm, 420 mm and 600 mm sealing width are available for you to choose from. Corresponding to the sachet width, our machines may be operated in 1 up to 20 lanes.

A four-side-sealed sachet offers the ultimate in convenient packaging for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and all types of powders, liquids, and capsules. Packaging up to 10 lanes at once, Iapack's sachet machines can also accommodate different bag options including tear notches and easy open systems.

With available options like various seal patterns and shapes, static elimination, embossing, and more, a sachet machine can meet your exact specifications. Also available with IQ/OQ construction, Iapack's sachet machines are a great solution for pharmaceutical packaging.


Lanes number2-6 lanes3-10 lanes4-12 lanes
Capacity35 bags/min/lane
Measuring range1-50ml1-50ml1-50ml
Measuring accuracy±2%±2%±2%
Measuring methodPeristaltic pump
Bag sizeL:45-130mm,W:35-120mm(Adjustable)
Sealing type4 side sealing bag
Film widthMax.480mmMax.720mmMax.960Y
Film thickness0.07-0.10mm0.07-0.10mm0.07-0.10mm
Cutting type1.Flat cutting;2.Zig zag cutting;3.Continuous bag ;4Customerized special shape cutting
Control systemPLC+Servo+Touch screen
Power Supply2.8kw,220V/380V4.1kw,220V/380V5.5kw,220V/380V

Versatile package shapes like single, double or multiple sachets, sachet strings as well as sachet mats may be produced. The modular design of our sachet packaging machines also enables the use of shaped sealing tools, for instance to ease the pouring by a spout. In combination with a punch, a characteristic shape may be given to each sachet.

Depending on the specific application, our machines are equipped and combined with matching dosing systems for liquid, pasty, powdery and granular products, as well as pieces. Even the simultaneous filling of different products is possible. Bigger filling volumes may be achieved by double filling tubes per sachet. For food applications, hot fill, as well as CIP/SIP systems can be realized.

liquids, cremes, pastes: rotary valve pump, ball valve pump, diaphragm pump
powders, granules: auger dosing system, micro dosing system, volumetric cup filler
pieces (tablets, capsules): cup filler

Liquid sachet machines of Iapack Packaging Machines are one of the bestselling packaging machines. Because of over 20 years of experience about sachet machines meet with today’s manufacturing technology of liquid pump fillers create the most wanted liquid sachet machine so far.

Up to 12 lines ketchup sachet packaging machine is the most common packaging machine that customers look for. Then also sauce filling, chemical liquid sachet and pharmaceutical liquid sachets are some other applications.

Reaching up to 80 cycles with Siemens motion control technology makes Iapack liquid sachet machine is one of the fastest liquid sachet packaging machines in the market. Our speed/price customizable liquid sachet machines are available from 2 lines to 10 lines with or without motion control easily meet your price/performance requirements.

Product Application

Dession Small Granule Packaging machine
is widely applied for medical supplies, food,hardware and other particle in bulk such as electuary, spices, sugar, coffee, seeds and monosodium glutamate etc.

Sachet Packing Machine Features

1.  advanced performance, high strength, low noise, compact structure, stable operation, easy maintenance, long service life.

2.  the whole machine adopts PLC control, servo tracking synchronous linkage, reliable performance, convenient operation, high degree of automatic control.

3.  high degree of automation. This machine from the longitudinal cutting, longitudinal sealing,   transverse sealing, filling, printing, notch cutting, cross cutting, until the finished bag output can be completed at one time.

4.  adopt the combination sealing knife as sealing mould. Back sealing, upper and lower transverse sealing alternating multiple times once sealing. Sealing tightly. And with high packing speed, pouch shape smoothly, delicate appearance, high packing efficiency.

5.  quick and convenient adjustment. The bag length can be adjusted without changing the mould. And the vertical seal, transverse sealing, filling, cutting and other implementing agencies can be adjusted through the man-machine interface.

6.  filling measurement accuracy. In the case of granular materials, it is specially designed to push and pull the whole metering plate, and each bag can be adjusted conveniently and accurately.

7.  in the forming process of the packaging bag through the PLC control, so that each actuator can be accurately automatic positioning.

8.  photoelectric tracking system is adopted to ensure the automatic calibration of the packaging bag, and has the function of automatic counting.

9.  strong adaptability to the package material, the sealing temperature of the machine has the function of automatic control, and the control precision is high (about 1C degrees). Can adapt to domestic and foreign production of a variety of packaging films, such as PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, NY/AL/PE, NY/PE, etc..

10.  additional features can be added, such as the right to cut off the choice of cutting machine, dashed knife, serrated knife, etc.. Typing code can be selected ink wheel printer, etc., and the selection of various alarm requirements.

Sachet Packing Machine Installation

We will dispatch engineers to carry out installation and debugging of the equipment in buyer's place if requested. The cost for International double ways air tickets, accommodations, food and transportations, medical shall be paid by Buyer for the engineers. Buyer shall fully cooperate with Supplier's engineer and make all the installation condition ready to work. such as: water, electricity, raw material etc.The normal debugging term is 3-7days, and the buyer should pay US$100/day per engineer.