General Description:

It is one of the rugular VFFS packing machine in China.
Form-Fill-Seal pillow bag , good for regular pillow bag. Full servo technology machine ,fast in packing, stable in operating, Durable machine with reasonable price
Flexible to fill and pack various product such as powder, liquid ,viscous liquid, granule, tablet , solid ,candy, stick product..
IAPACK machines already served in Food, beverage, cosmetics, personal care, household, chemicals and pharmaceutical industry.

Features & Advantages:

Integrated Core Control System
PLC, touch screen, Servo and Pneumatic system compose the drive and control system with higher integration, accuracy and reliability.

Advanced Belt Film Pulling System
Higher accuracy in bag length, more smooth in film pulling, lower friction and operation noise.

Flexible Horizontal Sealer
Easy to adjust sealing pressure and open travel, suitable for various packaging material and bag type, high sealing strength without leakage.

Quick Details

Type: Multi-Function Packaging Machine
Condition: New
Function: Filling, Labeling, Sealing, Embossing, bag forming
Application: Food, Beverage, Commodity, Medical, Chemical, food, beverage, chemicals, cosmetics,pharmaceuticals
Packaging Type: Bags, Film, Pouch
Packaging Material: Plastic, laminated film
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Driven Type: Electric
Voltage: AC 380V 3Phases
Power: 1.6kw
Dimension(L*W*H): 1010*730*1700
Certification: CE/ISO9001
material quality: stainless steel/carbon steel
packing material: laminated film
Automatic grade: form-fill-seal
speed: regular
flexibility: flexible
Packing method: free fumigation crate
price-quality ratio: high
Operation: PLC touch screen
Weight: 250kg

> We use a standard air shaft in our stick packing machines. We are reducing the chances of installing a coil on this number and making mistakes.

> We use smart motor and disc blades in our paper slitting blades. In this way, we are removing the trouble of kneeling and changing the blade.

> With a moving coil stand up to the point, we are able to reduce the fire very quickly and easily when the paper adjustment is done.

> Thanks to the conveyor belt we use as standard, we are not parcel under your foot in your work area and we offer you comfortable working.

> Hygienic and safe working are ensured by closing the cabin around the machine.

Most importantly, thanks to the sliding filling system in pipe clogs and cleaning, you can clean it without interfering with pipe clogging without disassembling a single screw, draining the sugar reservoir.

IAPACK stick sugar packing, 1gr into a cylindrical packing (VFFS) machine. - 2 gr. -3 gr. 4 gr. etc. (Adjustable from 1 to 8 gr), which is a high quality machine designed for single-use sugar packaging in any quantity.

Stick packing machines use glossy + PE laminated packaging for packaging and packaging machines. These packs can be packaged in kg, for example, 5-line sticks are sold as uncoated 20 cm wide bobbins for sugar packing machine. These bobbins are first printed on the flexo printing machine according to the order quantity. Then the printed packages / sticks are inserted into the stick packing machine and the packaging process starts. The machine divides the inserted bobbin 20 cm wide by means of rotary disc blades into 4 cm wide slits and 5 equal pieces. By inserting it into a cylindrical form, it allows the two ends of the package to stick together with hot presses. Then put the desired amount of sugar into the package and put the ends of the packaging with the help of the hot press again, sticks, cuts and counts by conveyor belt. This machine is classified as vertical packaging machines (VFFS). In vertical packaging machines, stick sugar, stick salt, as well as many more powder, granules and liquid semi-liquid products are packaged. Vertical packaging machines are divided into classes according to their filling systems.

Screw filling systems and volumetric filling systems are also divided into two. As powder and liquid

At the beginning of the products which can be packaged with stick type screwed powder filling machine, we can say coffee, milk powder, nescafe gold coffee, classic coffee, cocoa powder, turkish coffee, cappuccino, black pepper, flour, baking powder, powdered sugar, vanilla, henna. Screwed stick packing machines are mainly used in coffee packaging, especially in nescafe. The operating logic of the screw filling system is carried out by means of a one-shaft spindle servo motors, carrying products that enter the grooves.

With Stick type volumetric powder filling machine, self-fluid products are packaged. Examples include salt, sugar, brown sugar, silica gel and the like. products are packaged. When the working logic of the volumetric filling system reaches the packing order of the product which is filled in the volume sockets which can be adjusted according to the grammaj, the bottom door is opened and the packages are sent in.

Stick liquid filling machines and packaged liquid and semi-liquid products are examples of liquid products; sterile water, olive oil, sunflower oil, lemon sauce, vinegar, salad dressings and so on. solid liquor as food as an example; ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, honey, jam, butter, margarine, tomato paste and so on. They are the product. The working logic of the filling system of the stick liquid filling machine is also volumetric. The product to be packed is first drawn into the precision filling pumps and injected into the packages of the desired weight.

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